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Looking like an industry expert has never been easier with pod cast adverting. Create a pod cast for your customers to drive sales and build long term customer relationships.  

Yellow Square Podcast

Build a Business you are proud of

Services And Prices

For established businesses we  provide the tools to scale any business and increase sales. For entrepreneurs we transform your idea into a profitable business.  We build business from the ground up through website creation, marketing, business consulting, and whatever else it takes to turn your dreams into plans. 

Website development

Your website is your client’s most important interaction with your brand. A website can be a company’s storefront and marketing tool. 

Social Media Management

Get seen on the platforms that matter. With over 47% of the worldwide population using social media its important to be creating content and engaging with customers 


Be seen as the expert you are while connecting with new audiences! 50% of American households listen to podcasts, why not start building loyalty now? Plus podcasts make great content marketing. 

What our clients are saying

"Working with Yellow Square was a pleasure, they where professional and helped me grow my business through website development, marketing and business consulting."
Judie Barta, CEO of Real You Health Coach COllective

Our clients

Real You Health Coach Collective
Comma Life Massage Therapy

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  • Kelowna BC, Canada
  • yellowsquarepodcast@gmail.com
  • 250 212 9108