Andrew Memije talks mindfulness, university, and finding your creativity

My guest, Andrew Memije discusses the tactics he uses to stay mindful and how mental and physical wellness contribute to overall performance. Andrew gives a crash course on finding your creativity that is worthy of it’s own TED Talk. He gives exceptional advice on fearlessly exploring new interests.

Tina Walczak talks creativity, marketing, and learning to say "no:

Tina Walczak, chief brand officer of Hiilite discusses viewing success as happiness and freedom, leaning how saying “no” can improve your life, and the importance of creativity. Tina shares her industry insights on marketing and provides a crash course on how to succeed as a content marketer

Laura Mortensen on entrepreneurship and data management

Laura Mortenson discusses entrepreneurship, creativity in data management, and empowering girls and women to take careers in the aerospace/ engineering industries.