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10 Essential Tools For Marketers

As a marketer you understand the struggle of managing constant demands over a vast array of platforms. There’s time crunches and pressure to constantly produce professional level content.  Thank goodness for these apps and websites! they make our lives just *that* much easier. 


The majority of these platforms offer a free base model and offer paid upgrades that allow a wider range of functions, generally for an exceptionally affordable price. 


Needless to say I don’t know where my marketing career would be without grease programs. If I ever get the change I will go and personally shake hands with and thank every employee who contributed to the development of these programs. 


Here they are the 10 essential tools for markers.


Canva allows you to create logos, designs, social posts and pretty much anything you can dream of (or your client demands). Canva’s unpaid edition is super powerful but the paid version is well worth the splurge. For $12/month you have a constant supply of free stock photos and videos plus the magical ability to resize your design to fit any platform. The resizing tool has been my savior when I need to change a Facebook post to an Instagram post!


For Any Freelance marketer or marketer who works with website design and development WordPress is a must. WordPress.org offers a DIY approach to website creation for free. If you are not a developer at heart you can subscribe to WordPress as a service for a monthly fee. There is a huge array of options to get you started. WordPress powers the majority of websites on the internet and has an absolute army of open source software developers, continuously pumping out new innovative plugins and updates. 


The days of sticky notes everywhere reminding you to post on 12 platforms a day at different times each are gone! And all thanks to Hootsuite! Hootuite allows you to schedule posts to your social media accounts so you can sit back and relax. You can have multiple members of a team working on one Hootsuite account to make sure you post what needs to get posted.


At this point we can’t even imagine email without Mailchimp. Mailchimp allows you to create beautiful custom emails and campaigns to send to customers. Mailchimp has you covered for anything from the quarterly newsletter or client sign on forms. One of the most innovative features of Mailchimp is that it has plugins available on most websites so you can connect your newsletter sign up or  a form so clients get an immediate response as soon as they sign up for something.


The next most important thing to your website is your hosting provider. Digital ocean secures your website with its own individual server. Having an individual server or “droplet” ensures your website never experiences the issues that arise from shared hosting servers. For only 5$ a month for a droplet, DigitalOcean packs a lot of value.


Monday.com is the ultimate tool for project management and organisation. With project boards and progress bars slick enough to make any type A personality swoon. Monday.com allows teams to collaborate on projects while clearly outlining who does what and when the project is due.


Audacity is an open source audio editing software. It is free to download and use. This tool is amazing for any company that creates podcasts. Podcasts are a fantastic way to create content and inspire long term customer loyalty. Audacity easily lets you edit audio clips, mix, add effects and more.


Looking to make promotional videos but not ready to invest in Photoshop Premiere Pro? Vimeo has got your back! We all know video is dominating the marketing landscape and is here to stay, so start upping your video game today. Vimeo allows you to create and edit videos for YouTube, social, website and other promotional content all for an affordable upfront cost.


The “Ole Reliable” of online note keeping. Evernote is a simple platform that takes your notes from paper to digital. The free version allows you to create notebooks with various templates and invite others to collaborate. The paid version allows you to access your notebooks on multiple devices. It’s so simple your mom could use it, but it gets the job done every time. 

YouTube Studio

YouTube Studio is the holy grail of free music! Creators upload their sounds for others to download and use in their music or videos. Some of the sounds require a small payment to download, however dishing out $3 to support an artist is really not so bad. With hundreds of uploads daily you are sure to find the right track for whatever project you are working on.

Those are our 10 essential tools for marketing, what tools could you not live without? Let us know in the comments. If you liked this article remember to share it with friends. 

Why should My Business Sponsor A Podcast?

Why should your business sponsor a podcast?
Whether you are an avid podcast listener or are new to them it is important to understand their growing popularity and their advertising potential.


Podcast are getting popular fast

According to Podcast Insights, 50% of all US homes are podcast fans (Nielsen, Aug 2017), and 45% of monthly podcast listeners have household income over $75K. People are listening to podcast, and the ones who are listening the most intently have buying power. By sponsoring a pod cast you are able to reach a wide audience of listeners who have a higher likelihood of purchasing your product or service.


Targeted audience

Podcasts have tailored audiences. If you are selling a software for small businesses, sponsor a podcast that talks about entrepreneurship for small businesses. If you are selling cake pans, sponsor a podcast that discusses the joys of baking. The audience is far more target than radio, TV, print, or even social media.


Support Creators

Podcast sponsorship supports artists. Most podcasts are made by independent creators so by sponsoring a podcast you are helping the creator put food on their table. If you enjoy a podcast why not sponsor it? Your contribution will go towards helping that artist create future episodes.

Navigating marketing during covid 19

Pause any campaigns that appear pushy

As businesses we are all trying to sell a product or service, however pushing purchase orientated content will appear insensitive. Your customers may be out of work and not have the financial means to purchase your product right now. The beast thing you can do is focus on cultivating a meaningful relationship with your customers. Once they are able to work again they will be more inclined to buy from a brand they felt close to during the pandemic. A great way to build this relationship is to publish content on topics such as “Why Our Customers Matter,” or “Thank You Front Line Workers.”

Bring On The “Feel Good” Content

Lighthearted positive content can go a long way. With a constant stream of bad news spiraling in front of us it can be refreshing to hear stories about local kids supporting health care workers and communities coming together to buy groceries for an elderly neighbor.

Be Careful With Images And Videos

Avoid images or crowds or people making any form of physical contact. An image of someone working in their home office is going to be far less scrutinized than an image of a crowded office with the boss giving an employee a pat on the back. Using media that shows people on exotic vacations or traveling is also not a good idea. Focus on employee created content if possible. Customers love to see the humans behind your brand. Pictures of a team Zoom call or employees working from home will do well. If working from home is not possible at your company, shoe employees social distancing or wearing personal protective equipment. 

Keep Customers Up To Date

Use your advertising efforts to address how your business is changing due to the pandemic. Inform customers on any changes in hours, or contact information as people work from home. post update on changes such as ground markers to ensure physical distancing or no contact delivery options.

Be Careful What You Share

If you plan to share an article discussing COVID-19 read it carefully. Make sure it is from a credible source. Nothing is worse than sharing fake news especially on health and safety issues.

Be Real

Show your hear and be human. Let customers know you (or your company) are real people who are also going through a challenging time. Emphasize your business’s core values.Be personal and connect with your customers in a real way.